Organoil Wash a Away

Wash-A-Way is a safe and effective alkaline salt based cleaner and soaker, with an oxidizing, mild bleach action. Wash-A-Way is not a chlorine bleach. The active ingredients are alkaline salts (>62%) and sodium percarbonate (>30%), which have anti-bacterial properties, making Wash-A-Way an ideal cleaner for external grimy, mouldy and weathered timbers as well as cleaning tannin, grease and mould stains from masonary and concrete.

Organoil Woodwipe


Ideal for cutting boards

Ecowoodoil “WOODWIPE” has been specifically formulated from a
blend of Nut* & Citrus Oils to create a drying oil that will maintain
Wooden items that frequently come in contact with food and water.
A simple wipe on/wipe off application is all that is required to keep
your timber pieces nourished, looking their best and feeling good to
the touch.

Organoil Wax & Polish

A refined Beeswax and Citrus Oil polish with pleasant aromatics and emulsified into a ready-to-use paste. For the palest, brightest cabinetry finish offered in our range; a double wax application and polish (min. 24 hours apart) to raw, fine-sanded woodwork would be recommended. Available Sizes 250ml and 500ml.

Organoil Danish Oil

A penetrative, nourishing, quality finishing oil which reflects the original, heavy-oil formulations that traditional Danish Oils were renowned for. As a clear finish will richly enhance the existing woodcolour/s. For best results, requires quality dry-sand surface preparation; using 600 /1200 / 1500 grit papers (the finer the better)

Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil

Particularly suited to powered-disc (and on-lathe) finishing with wet and dry sandpaper.

Organoil Citrus Terpene

 Citrus Terpene or d-Limonene is a naturally pure oil which is produced from citrus fruit skins by the distillation process.

Organoil Tung Oil

 Pure Tung Oil is obtained from the seeds of a tropical tree—the Tung tree (Aleurites fordii). It is a member of the spurge Family, and can also be known as China Wood Oil or Nut Oil. The seeds found in the centre of the tung fruit contain more than 50% Tung Oil, which is available when the seeds are ground and pressed. The oil is amber coloured, and contains a high proportion of eleostearic acid.

Organoil Decking Oil

Exterior timber Decking, Joists/Bearers, Cladding, Railings/Posts, Fencing, Screens, Shutters and BBQ Trolleys

Haymes Solarshield Acrylic Gloss or Low Sheen

Solashield Gloss/ Low Sheen has an attractive high gloss finish that provides superb resistance to the elements and comes with a 15 year guarantee. The finish has excellent dirt and salt pick up resistance making it ideal for harshly exposed areas such as coastal environments.