Sceneys Brush Restorer

Brush Restorer (cleans hardened brushes and rollers)

Sceneys Acetone

Acetone (adhesive cleaner, nail polish removal)

Sceneys Kerosene

Kerosene – for heating and cleaning

Sceneys Ezyclean

Ezyclean (revolutionary brush and roller cleaner, water clean-up)

Wash up you paints brushes after use of enamel paints under the tap.

Saves time

Sceneys Bitumen Black

Bitumen black for waterproofing gutters and roofes

Turps wash up

Sceneys Methylated Spirit 100%

Methylated Spirits (Ethanol) 100% pure, used in French polishing

Sceneys Methylated Spirit

Methylated Spirits (Ethanol) available in 95%  pure.
Cleaning Solvent

Sceneys PVA Glue

PVA Adhesive (Wood Glue) general purpose adhesive for wood, paper, etc.

Sceneys Pure Turpentine

Pure Turpentine (Gum turpentine) natural pine turpentine.

Sceneys Mineral Turpentine

Solvent for cleaning up and thinning enamel paints.