Wax & Grease Remover

A prepwash solvent for removing containates prior to painting.

Hammertone Paint

Air dry fast dry coating with the 'hammered' look, ideal for metal work.

Rapid Dry Enamels

  • Rapid Dry Enamel Mirror Paints

Available in an extensive range of standard colours or matched to your requirements, our enamel topcoats protect and decorate your product with colour and class.

Dries in 10 minutes.

Enamel Hardener

Urethane additive for increasing the drying rate and toughness of quick dry enamel

Duralex Everclean Interior Paint

Fantastic paint at a good price.

Duralex EVERCLEAN is an interior/exterior 100% acrylic, low sheen wall paint. Duralex EVERCLEAN has the added advantage of being the most advanced stain resistant house paint on the market and supported by university tests.

Duralex Ceiling White

Duralex PREMIUM CEILING WHITE is a premium quality, extra white, heavy bodied, high opacity paint specially formulated to reduce drip and spatter during application. It is an ultra flat finish thus hiding small imperfections in ceilings.

Duralex Sunmaster


Self Priming 100% Acrylic


Duralex SUN MASTER  is a tough 100% Acrylic house paint specially formulated to protect against the harsh Australian climate. As well as containing Zinc Oxide and other U.V. blockouts, it is better able to expand with heat and contract when cold, than ordinary paints.

Quantum Sap Strip Wood Conditioner

Quantum Sap-Strip (powder) is a timber conditioner for cleaning and removing sap and chemical extractives from all timbers prior to coating.
this cleaning process is most important as the tannins and resins in all timber, new or weathered can contaminate the coating creating adhesion and drying issues.

Great for cleaning NEW WOOD, something other cleaners won't do.

Quantum Decking Finish

Timbre Plus Decking is a unique, hard wearing finish incorporating a skid resistant material to reduce slip when wet.

It has excellent UV protection, is scuff resistant and water repellent. Timber Plus Decking is a heavy duty decking finish suitable for commercial applications. Second and third coats normally result in a film up to 50 microns thick. Available in 10 wood tone colours as well as natural, suitable for most timbers

Looks fantastic.

Wood Cleaner

Wood cleaning agent prior to oiling of decks and other external timber.