Basic Paint Brushes

Real Good series

Real Good brushes for common painting tasks around the house.

Decent paint brush at a economical price.

Microfibre Paint Rollers

High Tech Micro-Fibre sleeve

Micro-Fibre fabric is Lint Free, Excellent paint holding capacity and super smooth finish with all paints.

These are the main rollers we sell nowadays, they hold more paint, great finish and at a reasonable price, what more could you want.

Specialist Roller Kits

We have a wide range of specialist roller kits for those odd jods that a stand kit just won't do. Now there are tailor made roller sets for door, fences, trims, furniture and other special jobs. All designed to make your paint project easier.

Varous widths and roller types available.

Blue Masking Tape

Don't use that old cream coloured tape, this is much better, easy to remover and doesn't damage your fresh paint work.

Uni-Pro Trade Painters Blue 14 Day tape

14 Day Blue tape leaves no residue, tear resistant professional masking tape

Mini Rollers

 Mini roller sleeves fit into tight spaces - A sleeve for every type of paint and finish possibl.

These roller have proven themselves very popular with for those small to medium sized jobs when you don't want a big roller kit, they are an effective way to paint.

Lamswool Rollers

Use the rollers the trade uses, available in widths and nap (fibre) lengths. The ideal roller to use on those rough surfaces like brick walls.

100% Australian sheepskin, highly resilient natural fibre for long life and superior paint pick up and release.

Corrugated Roof Roller Cover

Foam roller cover for paint corrugated iron roofs.

Drop Sheets - Canvas

Trade Quality- Heavy duty 9 ounce canvas drop cloths, full range of sizes. Stops drips and spatters






Agnews Water Putty

Agnew’s Water Putty: The original & the best since 1929

Agnew's Water Putty is an excellent filler for patching and levelling wood, plasterboard, cement sheet, concrete, etc. Particularly suitable if you need a hardwearing surface. Agnew's Water Putty sets hard, adheres permanently and fills to any depth without shrinking or cracking. It can be sawn, drilled and sanded. Agnew's Water Putty is also ideal for Architectural and Hobby Moulding.

Gap sealant Tubes

Not all gap sealants are the same so we don't buy the cheapest available, we stock the most suitable for DIY use.

  • For use on masonry, painted and unpainted wood, and most sidings
  • Can be painted over and cleaned with water
  • Fix cure time of 30 minutes
  • Full cure time of 72 hours

General purpose, economical caulk for use on masonry, painted and unpainted wood, and most sidings. White acrylic caulk can be painted over and cleaned with water. Has a fix cure time of 30 minutes and full cure time of 72 hours at 25°C