Liquid Bitumen membrane

No more leaky gutters

Rain gutters aren't very exciting however if they leak you can have all sorts of trouble.

Rather than going to the expense of replacement why not rejuvenate them with water based liquid bitumen membrane




  • Waterproofing behind retaining, basement and cellar walls

  • Planter box and garden pot sealing

  • Garden beds and landscaping waterproofing

  • Metal and concrete water tank sealing

  • Pond, trough and water feature sealing

  • Roof, gutter and downpipe repair

  • Timber posts, marine ply, FC sheeting protection

  • Sound deadening of metal surfaces

  • Sealing of tree pruning and wounds


Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to apply and easy to clean-up

  • Thick or thin application

  • Apply by brush, roller (10-12 mm), trowel or spray (21 thou @ 3000 psi)

  • Solvent free, water-based, non-toxic,  non-flammable and non-hazardous

  • Flexible and elastic with +200% elongation