Interior woodwork

Organoil Woodwipe


Ideal for cutting boards

Ecowoodoil “WOODWIPE” has been specifically formulated from a
blend of Nut* & Citrus Oils to create a drying oil that will maintain
Wooden items that frequently come in contact with food and water.
A simple wipe on/wipe off application is all that is required to keep
your timber pieces nourished, looking their best and feeling good to
the touch.

Organoil Wax & Polish

A refined Beeswax and Citrus Oil polish with pleasant aromatics and emulsified into a ready-to-use paste. For the palest, brightest cabinetry finish offered in our range; a double wax application and polish (min. 24 hours apart) to raw, fine-sanded woodwork would be recommended. Available Sizes 250ml and 500ml.

Organoil Danish Oil

A penetrative, nourishing, quality finishing oil which reflects the original, heavy-oil formulations that traditional Danish Oils were renowned for. As a clear finish will richly enhance the existing woodcolour/s. For best results, requires quality dry-sand surface preparation; using 600 /1200 / 1500 grit papers (the finer the better)

Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil

Particularly suited to powered-disc (and on-lathe) finishing with wet and dry sandpaper.

Zinsser Quick-15 Tradition Oil Varnish

Zinsser QUICK-15 is a fast-drying alkyd varnish that is excellent for interior use on all woods, cabinets, doors, trim, and metal. It dries in 15 minutes to a hard, durable finish; 3 coats can be applied in one day. QUICK-15 is easy to apply using brush or sprayer and is a great all-purpose clear finish for both contractors and DIY users


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