Haymes Ultra Premium Paints

Haymes Tricoat Undercoat

Tricoat 3 in 1 product that Primes, Seals and Undercoats all in one!

Haymes Solarshield Acrylic Gloss or Low Sheen

Solashield Gloss/ Low Sheen has an attractive high gloss finish that provides superb resistance to the elements and comes with a 15 year guarantee. The finish has excellent dirt and salt pick up resistance making it ideal for harshly exposed areas such as coastal environments.

Haymes Ceiling White

Interior Expressions Ceiling White

Haymes Interior Expressions Ceiling White is a superbly crafted water based coating for Interior Ceilings. The super flat finish provides minimal light reflection, assisting in the hiding of surface imperfections making it ideal for large ceilings. The product provides superior coverage, is easy to use with minimal roller splatter.

Haymes Trim Acrylic

Haymes Ultratrim

Haymes Ultratrim is the next generation water based enamel ideal for doors, windows and trims. Its advanced low-odour formulation goes beyond the Green building requirements which means that now you have a green alternative and can say “no to those smelly solvent based enamels”. 


Haymes Ultratrim offers superior washability and effortless application with a quick-drying, tough durable finish, non-chipping, non-yellowing finish that delivers superb coverage with excellent levelling properties and the convenience of water wash-up.

Haymes Interior Low Sheen Acrylic

Haymes Interior Expressions covers like no other— its superb coverage means you require less effort and paint to achieve that beautiful result you have been dreaming of. Brilliantly easy to use with minimal roller splatter and the convenience of water wash-up. Haymes Interior Expressions is a washable, stain-resistant paint that is presented in a variety of finishes that are available in thousands of colours.


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