Painting Tools

Brushes for every use

Preval Spraying Units

The Preval Sprayer is a professional grade spray system that is for countless applications, disposable, recyclable, easy to clean and where no compressor is needed.

Drip Tray

Handy plastic tray which provides a clean place to put your can (1&4lt) of paint and keeps to brush and painting accessories clean. No more balacing a dripping brush on a paint can.

Tray only, brushes etc not included.

Paint Brushes- Tradesman

Quality trade brush, long bristle, copper plated ferrule, hand crafted. Australian Made

25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100mm sizes available

Paint Brushes Ashford

Ashford Brush BristlePremuim quality enamel paints brush available in 25,38,50,63,75 and 100mm sizes.

Texture Roller Paint Cover

Texture rollers

Loop style texture fabric - Creates a random textured finish when used with render finish and paints

Paint Brush- Cutting

  • CUTTER BRUSHES: These are popular brushes for cutting in before roller painting. Specially made for door and window frames and ceiling/wall/corner sections. They generally have less filament than wall brushes as paint holding capacity is not paramount while the long handle helps to control the stroke. There are several alternative
    shapes in these long handle brushes.
    • Sash Cutter: is a full bodied cutting in brush ideally suited for the application of water based paints.

Basic Paint Brushes

Real Good series

Real Good brushes for common painting tasks around the house.

Decent paint brush at a economical price.

Microfibre Paint Rollers

High Tech Micro-Fibre sleeve

Micro-Fibre fabric is Lint Free, Excellent paint holding capacity and super smooth finish with all paints.

These are the main rollers we sell nowadays, they hold more paint, great finish and at a reasonable price, what more could you want.

Specialist Roller Kits

We have a wide range of specialist roller kits for those odd jods that a stand kit just won't do. Now there are tailor made roller sets for door, fences, trims, furniture and other special jobs. All designed to make your paint project easier.

Varous widths and roller types available.

Blue Masking Tape

Don't use that old cream coloured tape, this is much better, easy to remover and doesn't damage your fresh paint work.

Uni-Pro Trade Painters Blue 14 Day tape

14 Day Blue tape leaves no residue, tear resistant professional masking tape


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