Save those old paint brushes

Don't throw out those hard old paint brushes- restore them

Stop throwing away old paint brushes, save money by cleaning them properly.


Paint Brush Restorer is a specialty solvent that softens, cleans and restores brushes and rollers to bring new life into old equipment.

  • Removes old/ hardened paint from paint brushes and rollers.

  • Suitable for enamel and water based paints.

Rust / Verdigris Effects Paints



Create your own authentic rusted iron or aged copper finish on any paintable surface with these products that make everyday items look amazing.



Next time you paint why not choose Australian made painting accessories? They do exist although you don't see them in the big hardware stores we stock them here at Mirror Paints. These premium rollers are guaranteed lint free so you get a smoother finish, also being made in Sydney your purchase keeps jobs in Australia.

These Microfibre covers have an extraordinary capacity to hold up to 7 times their own weight in paint, this means more efficient painting since you don't have to dip into the paint tray as often.

Biodegradable Paint Trays

On a recent painting project I discovered something really cool- bio degradable paint roller trays.

Plastic paint trays are so cheap we tend to use them once and throw them away with little thought to what happens next, well not much for hundreds of years. That is how long they willl take to break down in landfill, outliving you and generations of your decendants. What a legacy to leave.

Now you have an option BIODEGRADABLE paint trays!


Save money by looking after your rollers and brushes

Roller and Brush Spin Cleaner- This handy little painters tool will make the clean up after painting quick and easy, wash you brush and roller first then dry it in seconds with this neat little tool.

A roller left to dry naturally on a bench will develop a stiff flat spot, prolong the life of the roller by drying it first.

Australian made paint brushes

Yes, we still do make paint brushes here in Australia. A small company in Sydney called C&A Brushware still produces its own high quality paint brushes for trade and DIY use.

Their brush making machines have the capacity to manufacture 2,700 brushes per hour and the roller machine is a continuous wind machine that produces 9,000 roller covers per day.

Haymes Paint icolour phone app

Let your phone help you paint !
Simply snap a photo with your camera phone, it matches the colour and recommends a variety of colour schemes that co-ordinates with it.Then visit Mirror Paints for a perfect colour match. How easy is that!

Peel-Away Paint removal

As used on the recent restoration of the IMMIGRATION MUSEUM in Melbourne which had over 100 years of peeling paint on it's facade, you to can use this safe paint removal system at home. Think how easy it will make your next painting project.
Removes up to 15 layers of paint in one application
Safe lead paint removal

PEEL AWAY is a thick paste that is applied to unwanted paint coatings, then covered with the PEEL AWAY laminated paper cover. Simply leave and then PEEL AWAY with the aid of the spatula provided.

Stepping Stones

A fun project you can do with your kids. Create your own, unique stepping stones. Paint them and place in your garden.