Biodegradable Paint Trays

On a recent painting project I discovered something really cool- bio degradable paint roller trays.

Plastic paint trays are so cheap we tend to use them once and throw them away with little thought to what happens next, well not much for hundreds of years. That is how long they willl take to break down in landfill, outliving you and generations of your decendants. What a legacy to leave.

Now you have an option BIODEGRADABLE paint trays!


It is disposable and you don't even have to put it into the recycling bin. It will decompose in land fill. Even better, it is made from recycled pulp fibre. Being made from cardboard you would think it would be weak, flimsy and spill paint everywhere. Not So! I have found it really sturdy and it is suitable for all paints and stains.


  • DISPOSAL- made from recycled materials and it decomposes in land fill in 4-6 months.
  • STRONG- The tray doesn't flop or sag.
  • THE COST!- These trays are cheap
  • SAVES WATER- No need to washout, simply peel off dried paint and use again.