Australian made paint brushes

Yes, we still do make paint brushes here in Australia. A small company in Sydney called C&A Brushware still produces its own high quality paint brushes for trade and DIY use.

Their brush making machines have the capacity to manufacture 2,700 brushes per hour and the roller machine is a continuous wind machine that produces 9,000 roller covers per day.

Only top quality raw materials are used to manufacture both the paint brushes and roller covers. Paint brushes are made from pure Chung King hogs bristle consisting of 90% 'tops' and this is double boiled. This is natural black bristle and not dyed. Long established ties with international bristle merchants in China ensure consistent quality and supply.


If you want a the best quality job you need a combination of premium paint and a good brush, anything less and you may not be happy. We support this local business producing world quality painting accessories right here in Australia so the next time you come to our shop with ask us about our Australian made options.